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Loan Products

Homewood Federal offers many different loans to suit your needs, including:

Be assured, when you get your mortgage with Homewood Federal, it stays here. We won’t sell your mortgage. Isn’t it time for you to call and speak with a loan officer?

Since every loan is unique, we offer many different terms for each type of loan:

Conventional and Jumbo Loans

No matter if you are looking to purchase or refinance we have flexible terms and low interest rates to help you! Call us today to speak with a loan specialist.

Home Equity Loans

Need money for repairs, payoff some bills, or buy a new car? Then use the collateral you have in your home. Whatever your needs, we have convenient fixed rate home equity terms for you. Call us today.

Line of Credit

Looking to use your equity in your home but don’t need the money all at once? Then maybe what you need is a Line of Credit Equity Loan. After settlement you are given a set of checks to disburse the funds as you please. This is a revolving loan, so the funds will be available for withdraw up to ten years after settlement. And your rate is always prime rate minus ¼ percent! Call us today to set up your Home Equity Line of Credit.

Construction/Permanent Loans

Looking to build that dream house?  Need money to rehab your home? Homewood Federal offers a one settlement loan which handles the construction phase and the permanent loan after completion.  Your rate is locked in at settlement. Give us a call and check out our rates today.


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