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Sep 15

Financing Home Maintenance and Improvements

Financing Home Maintenance and Improvements

As summer slides into fall, and you settle into more of a routine, you may start thinking about some of those home repairs and improvements you put off during the summer. Let’s make a list:

1. Power wash your house.

Take care of any dirt or mold that has accumulated during the summer and to give you a shiny, clean look heading into fall and winter.

2. Caulk your windows and doors.

Help save money on winter utility bills.

3. Painting always makes your home feel fresh and new.

A new color for your front door; touching up the shutters and trim; or going for a whole-house refresh not only looks good, but helps protect one of your biggest assets: your home.

4. Tend to the gutter.

Cleaning your gutters protects your roof and foundation from water damage that occurs when leaves and debris build up and clog your gutters. Better yet, install gutter guards to keep them clean and flowing all year.

5. Clean and inspect your lawnmower so it runs at peak performance next spring.

If you need to, fall is a good time to purchase a new lawnmower. Many home improvement centers move out lawnmowers in the fall to make way for winter items and you can find a good price on a new lawnmower.

6. Check your roof for missing or loose shingles.

Taking care of these repairs now will ensure your home is warm and dry all winter.

7. Inspect your furnace and air conditioner.

Fall can be a good time to purchase a furnace as many of the previous year’s models are still on the showroom floor at sale prices. Upgrading your furnace in the fall, when you’re less likely to be using it, is practical and helps you to avoid those emergency calls when your old furnace fails mid-winter.

Whew! That’s quite a list. However, home maintenance is important in maintaining a safe and pleasant home environment. It also helps improve salability of your home when you’re ready to put it on the market.

Many of these projects are long-term improvements that you might consider financing with a home equity loan. Borrowing against the equity you’ve built in your home can be a cost-effective way to maintain and improve your home, and increase its value.

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