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May 26

Safe Summer Travel

Travel Safely This Summer

We’ve never needed a getaway more than we do in 2021. Most of us have spent the last year cooped-up in our homes, which have also now become our offices, and it’s time to get out and travel.

To ensure you enjoy your vacation safely, we offer these safety tips for traveling in the United States or abroad.

Let the friendly staff at Homewood Federal Savings Bank know when and where you are traveling and we can help keep you from being locked out of your debit card.

If the card issuer notices activities in a location not typical for you they may lock usage of the card until they can verify with you via a password. This verification process can take hours, even until the next day, while the issuer verifies the card is not being used fraudulently. If we know when and where you are traveling, we can help ensure your card does not get locked.

Scan and make several copies of important documents and store them in different locations (including the cloud).

Give a hard-copy set to a trusted family member or friend. Documents to scan/copy include: passports, insurance information, credit and debit cards, and driver’s licenses. Having ready access to this important information will help you quickly resolve issues should your wallet be lost or stolen while traveling.

Another way to help prevent loss or theft while traveling is to tether your bag to you with a strap or carabiner.

You can use those tools to also attach your bag to a table or chair while you are eating out. Wearing a money belt under your shirt or a crossbody-style bag are two additional precautions that can reduce the occurrence of theft while you’re traveling.

Spread out your cash and carry an emergency credit card in a separate location.

Try not to carry all your cash with you all the time. Use an in-room safe for your cash and emergency credit card, if your hotel has one. Otherwise, you should ask at the concierge desk if there is a safe available for guest use in the hotel office.

ATMs are a handy, readily-available way to get local currency when traveling abroad.

Whether you are abroad or traveling within the U.S., practice good ATM safety. Be aware of your surroundings. Cover the screen while you enter your PIN. Look at the machine carefully before inserting your card. If it appears the machine has been tampered with, or something just doesn’t seem the way it should, use a different machine. Homewood Federal Savings Bank’s debit MasterCard is particularly convenient with more than 1500 surcharge-free locations.

Finally, remember basic home security while you are traveling.

Use a timer for your indoor lights to come on during the evening and shut off overnight. A well-lit yard is another basic security tool. Ask the post office to hold your mail while you are gone. Consider an app-based security camera that allows you to check your home’s security cameras from your phone while you are traveling.

Vacations should be fun and relaxing. Your friends at Homewood Federal Savings Bank want you to enjoy your travels. Follow these safety tips, and remember to stop by our office to show us your vacation photos when you return.